Operation Kinship

Will Kin have us on the run this long holiday weekend, dashing from the beach to the big screen? Speaking of questionable families (and weren’t we?), will those Crazy Rich Asians be celebrating their familial success all weekend long or will The Happytime Murders have a happier time? Will The Meg keep people out of the ocean (clearly her evil plan) and into packed movie theaters, where the climate is both cool and hot? Just how hot are the roads traveled through Mile 22? Will that traffic beat the holiday travel? Might Operation Finale have the final say on thrillers this summer?
Might Mission Impossible: Fallout soon be having a fallout with audiences? How about Christopher Robin? Will he and his childhood friends be traveling gently into that good movie night?
Which of our “good” movies will make for the best movie night?

A Crazy but Happy Movie Weekend

Crazy Rich Asians were still having a crazy good time proving that peculiarities can deliver the most movie profits. The Meg remained a danger to the rest of her non-water-based competition. Profiting the first time out, The Happytime Murders made one happy killing, in the kindest of cinematic ways while Mission Impossible: Fallout planned on continuing their successful mission, apparently, into the Fall Movie Season. Finally, Christopher Robin made clear that childhood memories are valued no matter what the season.
As summer winds down, crazy families and old childhood friends were well represented, a wild whale continued to show us the wonders of the sea (from the safety of our movie seats), Cruise refused to relinquish total control and puppets in peril equaled profits.
Which of our happy killer tales did you profit the most from this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.Crazy Rich Asians $25 million.
2. The Meg $13 million.
3 The Happytime Murders $10 million.
4. Mission Impossible: Fallout $8 million.
5. Christopher Robin $6.3 million.

Happy Movie Times

The Happytime Murders hope to be pulling the strings this weekend, making a happy killing at the box office. Do they have what it takes to take down killer The Meg, who shows no mercy to anyone who crosses her massive path? What about Mission Impossible: Fallout? Isn’t it time someone took them down? Might champion Crazy Rich Asians once again prove the power of dysfunctional families?
Possessing a more criminal-fueled power, how much farther will audiences be traveling down Mile 22? Has our trip down memory lane with Christopher Robin come to a sweet end? Then there’s sweet Alpha. Who will he be charming this weekend? Will A.X.I., despite his robotic status, be able to steal their dog-loving hearts?
Will our summer days become bittersweet Replicas of recent movie’s past?
Luckily, it’s a sweet time to be a movie lover!
Who among that eclectic group will add the most charm to our movie weekend?

A Crazy Conqueror

A romantic comedy crept up on the competition this weekend, as Crazy Rich Asians had one crazy successful opening weekend. Refusing to be totally conquered by non-killers, The Meg continued to scare off the rest of the competition courtesy of her colossal size. Audiences traveled a Mile 22 to catch Mark Wahlberg in action. Mission Impossible: Fallout was still feeling like a rising star despite its fallen box-office status. Alpha was stepping out, making the most of his Man’s Best (movie) Friend status.
The steps leading to our local movie theaters this weekend were paved in Blockbuster gold, with Tom playing the part of hero, Mark walking the most engaging miles and Meg being her megalomaniacal self. A canine came cruising into our hearts as one crazy family came crashing through our movie lives.
Which of our memorable tales crashed your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Crazy Rich Asians $25.2 million.
2. The Meg $21.2 million.
3. Mile 22 $13.6 million.
4. Mission Impossible: Fallout $10.5 million.
5. Alpha $10.5 million.

Movie Miles

Will the Mission Impossible: Fallout this weekend include the rise of another action star in the form of Mark Wahlberg, whose latest covert operation will soon commence, sending moviegoers traveling a Mile 22? Can they go the distance? Will everyone be consumed by The (champion) Meg, whose appetite for fleshly characters knows no bounds? Clearly following no boundaries, perhaps Crazy Rich Asians will provide all the foolish familial moments our summer days require.
What about that classic, family-friendly Christopher Robin? How much longer will he and friends be required to steal our hearts? Maybe traveling back to those classic Ice Age days, where Alpha lovingly resides, will make for a cool way to spend a summer afternoon.
For those who prefer fear to family drama, Slenderman is still slinking around as is BlacKkKlansman, determined to recruit even more movie members. Who will be joining that cult? Finally, there’s The Billionaire’s Boys Club, making infinite promises to anyone willing to pay their membership dues.
Which of our cinematic recruits will be worth the price of admission for you this weekend?

A Cinematic Shark Swarms Movie Theaters

As the summer mission to see as many movies as possible sailed on, the Meg snuck up, making the biggest splash at the domestic box office this weekend, leaving Mission Impossible: Fallout to fall a bit out of synch with audiences as they continued to make all things possible in that action-oriented world. Taking a gentler approach, Christopher Robin continued to charm the young and the young at heart among us. Slenderman was more chilling than charming while the BlacKkKlansman recruited a nice crowd into joining Spike Lee’s latest endeavor.
With the weeks sailing by at a rapid pace, what have we accomplished during our Summer Cinematic Mission? Well, we’ve certainly contributed to Cruise’s hero crusade, found nostalgia through an old albeit live-action friend, tangled with a 70-foot shark (making us grateful for those “cinematic seas”), found some happy in a horror film and humor in the newest Klan.
Happily, The End has yet to be written!
Which of our happy crusaders was worth writing home about for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. The Meg $44.5 million.
2. Mission Impossible: Fallout $20 million.
3. Christopher Robin $12.4 million.
4. Slenderman $11.3 million.
5. BlacKkKlansman $10.8 million

Summer Goes to the Dogs

As we enter the Dog Days of summer alongside our much-loved furry friends (who ironically Never go to the movies) what will the Mission Impossible: Fallout result in this weekend? Can The Meg freak everyone out long enough to keep them out of the ocean and into (hopefully) packed movie theaters? Will Christopher Robin continue to prove loyalty and unconditional love reside in a childhood classic, where everyone feels like a kid again? Will The Spy Who Dumped Me, who clearly wasn’t kidding, feel abandoned alongside all this summer fun, as Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again! keeps going above and beyond to raise the spirits of her followers? On a decidedly darker note, how much longer will we be following The Darkest Minds, who really need to lighten up?
Who among them can lighten the load of The Equalizer 2, who has been doing his part to provide equal parts entertainment and action?
Most importantly, what will your entertainment choice be this weekend?