Old Men and Little Women Arrive for the Movie Fest


Life is not easy these days within our cinematic universe, what with The Predator running amok and The Nun leading us in one freakish prayer after another, leaving weary movie lovers wondering where they can go for a bit of cinematic peace. Certainly not to Hell Fest, who plan on putting on a killer show meant to provide a bit of their version of heaven reserved exclusively for horror lovers. Although not as hellish, A Simple Favor might be too complicated for the faint among us, who prefer sweet make-believe to mystery.
Happily, there’s something for everyone, with sweet Smallfoot new in town and ready to make a big animated impression. Eager to learn all he can about the human race, he’s likely to learn the value of movie time within The House With a Clock in its Walls, whose family-friendly ways are clearly timeless.
Maybe The Old Man & the Gun will hold us captive reliving his adventurous escapades. Are we ready to escape with him?
So many questions! Fortunately, Little Women (young and gunless) are back, in a modernized-but-classic kinda way, ready to share their larger-than-life wisdom on life’s toughest matters. For those of us interested in a different kind of “knowledge,” we’re invited to attend class at Night School.
Where will we find the education we need to make the smartest movie choice this weekend?

***Above beach photo taken in Wildwood, NJ. Courtesy of C.T. Costa Photography

Movie photos courtesy of Pexels


Author: Meg

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