Movie Discoveries


Will Glass continue to form an unbreakable bond with its audience this weekend, sending The Upside on a downward spiral while catapulting Aquaman into the watery depths? Can a bit of Serenity provide the mystery we need to distract us from the cold? The deep thinkers among us might prefer to climb Jacob’s Ladder, hoping each rung will lead to some much-needed cinematic healing. Sure to heal our tortured movie souls, The Kid Who Would Be King promises a kid-friendly adventure and A Dog’s Way Home vows to take us on a sweet journey while Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, naturally, will show us the most neighborly sites.
Arctic will undoubtedly be cold, but will the natives be friendly? What will Miss Bala discover when she steps into the cold, criminal world?
What is just waiting to be discovered this weekend at the movies?

Glass Gets Personal


Glass continued to add the most dysfunctional life to movie theaters this weekend, coming in first once again at the domestic box office. Getting personal, The Upside continued to raise our spirits, Aquaman heroically shared the above-ground spotlight,  The Kid Who Would Be King brought out the courageous kid in all of us and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse continued to keep our neighborhoods friendly and entertained.
So many conflicting but entertaining personalities this weekend at the movies, where relationships were revealed, heroes of all ages were honored and family-friendly adventures kept us wanting more.
For movie lovers wondering what more could there be, stay tuned for what February has in store:)

Estimated Box Office Results:
1. Glass $19 million.
2. The Upside $12.2 million.
3. Aquaman $7.4 million.
4. The Kid Who Would Be King $7.3 million.
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse $6.2 million.

Cinematic Serenity




Looking for a bit of Serenity to warm these cold, winter months? A Matthew McConaughey movie, while not particularly serene, is bound to take our minds off the falling temperatures. Glass will have us seeing through the myriad of personalities invading M. Night Shyamalan’s latest mindbender while The Upside of complex relationships is sure to grab our attention. The Kid Who Would Be King, meanwhile, is inviting us all on a medieval adventure while time spent hanging with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is sure to take us to the friendliest places. Dragon Ball Super: Droly might just bring out the super warrior in us all while a glimpse into A Dog’s Way Home is guaranteed to thaw even the chilliest of cinematic souls.
Chilling in a different way, The Escape Room is strictly for the non-animated crowd, who prefer their escape from reality be scary not sweet. What will The Final Wish in that horrifying universe be?
Fortunately, Aquaman is still around to save us from any horror awaiting our movie experience.
Which of our savory tales will save your weekend?


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Glass Finds a Clear Path to Success


To the surprise of no one, Glass shattered the competition, adding the most personality to our movie theaters this weekend. The Upside, however, didn’t mind taking a step down, friendly, accommodating folks they are. Dragon Ball Super: Droly fought his way into the elusive top five. Always a fighter, Aquaman remained seaworthy while Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse enjoyed his stay in the friendliest neighborhood.
It was the most personable weekend at the movies, with mystery abounding and a warrior in fine fighting  form. Friendships and a friendly neighborhood hero warmed our hearts as a seaworthy adventure was still welcoming us aboard.
Which of our many personable tales offered you the most welcoming adventure this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Glass $40.6 million.
2. The Upside $15.7 million.
3. Dragon Ball Super: Droly $10.7 million.

4. Aquaman $10.3 million

5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse $7.3 million.

The Many Movie Personalities


Will Aquaman continue swimming profitably upstream this weekend or will it be newcomer Glass, who promises to bring personality (and then some) to our movie universe? Can The Upside take any of them down? With Spider-Man: (traveling eternally) Into the Spider-Verse, will he ever find his way home? Taking an entertaining detour homeward bound, might A Dog’s Way Home include the most scenic cinematic places?
Certainly getting an eyeful, the inhabitants of the Escape Room, naturally, are wishing they’d chosen a less-horrifying route to their ultimate destination. Will they get lost (or worse) along that rocky road? Speaking of wrong turns, can the misguided man creating those Replicas realize the undead are just too much darn trouble?
With so many personalities set to take the stage, can the cast of Arctic Justice deliver the cold but colorful goods this weekend?
Among all that action and oddity, who will stand out?
Be sure to check back on Sunday to find out!

The Upside Soars


The Upside had no downside, apparently, as the biggest audience discovered the best entertainment in the oddest of relationships. Aquaman was still floating high on those successful seas. A Dog’s Way Home led to one sweet reunion. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse took to the starry skies, still enjoying the view while the Escape Room remained the space you’d never enter alone.
Our view was top notch as we settled into 2019, where our starry cast braved the stormy seas with a bit of horror and lots of humor and heart warming us during these cold winter months.
Which of our cool tales warmed your heart this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results
1. The Upside $19.6 million.
2. Aquaman $17.3 million.
3. A Dog’s Way Home $11.3 million.
4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse $9.0 million.
5. Escape Room $8.9million.

Strange Cinematic Bedfellows


Settling into the dead of winter, what will life in our movie theaters bring? Will Perfect Strangers make the best of friends or will Aquaman be the only friend we need to survive the cold?
What will be The Upside between the oddest friendships soon to be formed? Do they have what it takes to take down the competition? Might The Mule be galloping into the horizon, crossing paths with the well-traveled Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, who could probably use a break from the limelight?
How much longer will Bumblebee be adding light to our movie landscape (until the next sequel, perhaps?) Will A Dog’s Way Home lead to the sweetest reunion? Can Replicas create the creepiest of un-dead reunions?
Can time spent in the Escape Room offer the ultimate getaway from the winter doldrums, with an odd assist from Mary Poppins Returns, who’s eternally optimistic?
More importantly, are you ready for The Untold Story just waiting to be told this weekend?