An Easter Breakthrough

We can expect a lot of hope (with a twist of horror) this upcoming holiday weekend, where the residents of Pet Sematary hope to rise among the liveliest characters. Hellboy will clearly have a problem with that, torn between the trauma of balancing between heaven and earth (and trying to make a bigger impact at the box office). The scared silly, earthbound among us, meanwhile, are hoping the movie version Us won’t cause the actual us double the nightmares. Will The Curse of La Llorona cure our fears (or multiply them even more?) Can the missing Lady Under the Silver Lake rise above the rest of them with her spellbinding mystery?
The Missing Link, while not particularly mysterious, promises to connect those cinematic dots once again in an effort to find their fans. Fan to all, Captain Marvel is still around kicking butt. Will she be getting kicked to the curb anytime soon? Might Dumbo be coming down for a landing in time for the Easter Bunny’s show-stopping arrival?
Will the Little among us find bigger box-office results this weekend? How much longer will the hero worshipers be giving a shout out to Shazam!?
Finally, on our faithful, cinematic journey, what movie will create the biggest Breakthrough this weekend?


Shazam! Keeps Calling the Shots

Shazam! got another shout out from its hero-seeking fan base, heroically reaching the top of the domestic box office for the second weekend in a row. A Little story found a big place in moviegoers’ hearts while Hellboy discovered vengeance less than sweet. Pet Sematary contained the furriest undead as the very lively Dumbo continued to cinematically soar.
It was a big weekend at the movies, where all of our characters, from the little to the larger-than life, were proudly displaying the hero (or hellion) residing within, with all of the missing pieces ultimately connecting beautifully together.
Which of our big tales did you connect the most with this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Shazam! $25.1 million.
2. Little $15.5 million.
3. Hellboy $12 million.
4. Pet Sematary $10 million.
5. Dumbo $9.2 million.

Connecting the Missing Movie Links

With the Missing Link on the hunt for a prime box-office location, how much longer will Dumbo remain the driving (movie) force among our littlest moviegoers? Will the imaginary hero within Shazam! get lost in all that family-friendly action? Can Captain Marvel keep her audience from going astray? Will we all be kept Five Feet Apart from the horrors awaiting Us (both real and reel) now that Hellboy has entered the movie ring? Who will he be making The Best of Enemies with, his fellow hellions or the aforementioned heroes?
Will a creepy visit to the local Pet Cemetery uncover a hellish nightmare, resulting in a scare lover’s dream come true?
Last (but not least) will a Little “coming-of-age” comedy result in a big box-office return?
How big are your movie dreams this weekend?

A Heroic Cinematic Shout Out

Shazam! conjured up the biggest audience at the domestic box office this weekend, searching for the hidden, cinematic hero within us all. In need of redemption, the residents of the local Pet Cemetery provided the creepiest place horror lovers loved visiting. Following that nightmare-inducing tale, Dumbo remained the answer to our childhood-seeking dreams. Us felt right at home among the heroes and the hell raisers while Captain Marvel was still winning in the Miss Marvelous Department.
Heroes held our attention this weekend at the movies as Disney was still doing big business, a cemetery contained a lot of lively action and doppelgangers still had us seeing double (and liking it).
Which of our action-filled tales made your weekend doubly entertaining?
Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Shazam! $53.5 million.
2. Pet Cemetery $25 million.
3. Dumbo $18.2 million.
4. Us $13.8 million.
5. Captain Marvel $12.7 million.

Pets Provide the Weekend Horror

Signs of spring abound at our local movie theaters, where the Unplanned has left audiences emotionally unprepared but a sweet visit to Wonder Park promises the most colorful adventure. The lively, legendary Dumbo, naturally, is on an adventure of his own, entertaining our littlest moviegoers (while bringing out the kid in the rest of us).
On that family-friendly movie adventure, our characters are sure to cross paths with all kinds, including Captain Marvel, who just can’t help bringing marvel wherever she goes, exclaiming Shazam! to usher in the latest heroic tale while helping us find the hero (or heroine) within. On that cinematic quest, the best of friends will be made from The Best of Enemies during some pretty turbulent times. Too chill for turmoil, The Beach Bum, in typical fashion, can be counted on to enjoy more than his fair share of entertainment (which, unfortunately for him doesn’t translate to success) with Five Feet Apart remaining the only distance between movie lovers and the sweetest of times.
Decidedly not sweet, movie Us is still around to terrify the horror-movie-loving us, taking us on a more hellish than heavenly journey, where a stop-over at the neighborhood Pet Cemetery (doesn’t every neighborhood have one of those?) will be a must.
Must we wait much longer for the weekend to get here:-)