A King Gets Ready to Roar

On the verge of the ultimate Flashback Friday, The Lion King prepares for his star-studded comeback. Will he be king of the movie jungle this weekend or will that title go to reigning champ Spider-Man: (who’s) Far From Home but apparently feeling right at home at the top of the box office charts?
Fairly new in town, Stuber seems to be enjoying the shady streets. Where will his travels take him this weekend? Will he Crawl alongside other newbies through sequel-dominated territory, looking for a forgotten Yesterday in place of a memorable future?
What does the future hold for Aladdin? Will that guy get any more wishes? What about the road tripping Toy Story 4 gang, who keep proving you can go home again (figuratively and otherwise) to a warm, welcoming group?
Which of our warm, wonderful stars will you be welcoming this weekend?


Spider-Man Travels to the Top

Spider-Man: Far From Home offered the most scenic sights this weekend at the movies, paving the way for the road-tripping Toy Story 4 gang, who avoided the Crawl through alligator-infested terrain before passing newly-appointed action/adventure guy Stuber. Touring through music town, Yesterday offered a bittersweet reminder of melodious days gone by.
Bygone days were happily welcomed in the present moment, where heroes came in all shapes and sizes this weekend, saving summer lovers from sunburns and slow-moving traffic.
Which of our heroes saved your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1.Spider-Man: Far From Home $45.3 million.
2. Toy Story 4 $20.7 million.
3. Crawl $12 million.
4. Stuber $8 million.
5. Yesterday $6.8 million.

Summer Travels

Where will you be traveling to this upcoming summer weekend? Will it be to Sweden, where the celebrations are more frightening than festive for a young couple on a Midsommar excursion? Might Stuber be your chauffer, taking you through some pretty sketchy streets or would you prefer to Crawl (figuratively speaking) through an alligator-infested abode alongside a scrappy young woman (who odds are would prefer lazy days on a gator-free beach?)
The world travelers among us may enjoy traveling alongside everyone’s favorite hero Spider-Man: (who’s) Far From Home and loving it. Be it ever so humble, (or is it horror-filled?) Annabelle Comes Home to the dismay of her latest victims, who, for sure, will be wishing they’d chosen a trip to a town known as Anywhere but Here. Back to the here and now, will Yesterday inevitably catch up with current times?
Fortunately, Aladdin and his ever-faithful genie are making the most of the present movie moment, granting wishes left and right, keeping confidences for The Secret Life of Pets 2 reveal themselves all while traveling alongside the gang from Toy Story 4, who invite their followers to see the world, and all its colors, through the sweetest eyes.
Who will you be following this weekend?

A Celebrated Homecoming

Spider-Man: Far From Home traveled the farthest this weekend at the movies, taking his latest tale all the way to the top of the domestic box office. On a destined-to-be-a-classic road trip, the wise-beyond-their-years Toy Story 4 gang continued to tell a sweetly successful story. Yesterday offered a timeless, tuneful tale, Annabelle Comes Home to tell her own horrifying story and Aladdin had a few wishes still left in him.
A hero received a grand homecoming (with home also having its hell raisers), animation remained a crowd pleaser and music created the sweetest memories.
Which of our sweet cinematic treats was worth leaving home for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Spider-Man: Far From Home $93.6 million.
2. Toy Story 4 $34.3 million.
3. Yesterday $10.8 million.
4. Annabelle Comes Home $9.8 million.
5. Aladdin $7.6 million.

Spider-Man Comes Home

With a long holiday weekend almost here, can we once again expect the toys to take over Tinseltown? Will our little friends within Toy Story 4 take up the most space, cinematically speaking, kicking Aladdin to the curb while telling our favorite chatterboxes currently revealing The Secret Life of Pets 2 take a time out?
Will our less-than-childish audience find it Child’s Play to be both horrifying and fun or will their attention be diverted when Annabelle Comes Home (imparting her own homespun horror?) Since we’re clearly in need of a hero, will the infamous Spider-Man: (travel) Far From Home and still end up at the top of the domestic box office, as true Hollywood heroes do?
Will a Midsommar adventure lead to the most chilling places?
When will those always-chill, world-traveling Men in Black: International be heading for the sunset, both here and abroad?
Does Yesterday have a shot at a more profitable tomorrow?
Most importantly, what stories will brighten all of our movie-loving tomorrows?