The House Meets the Horrors

With so many stories to look forward to this Fall Season, does The Nun have a prayer of holding our horror-seeking attention for much longer? Might The Predator steal even more of her audience before ending the human movie race? Will we be racing from horror-to-horror-to-surviving-her-own-horror Peppermint? How sweet will all that action be? Where will conflicted White Boy Rick fit into all this?
Perhaps A Simple Favor is all we’ll need to uncover the current complicated mystery encompassing our cinematic world. Will that request be granted? Will we be setting our watches in time to The House With a Clock in its Walls, whose inhabitants, interestingly enough, are also dealing with their own end-of-the-world drama?
Still hangin’ in the always-interesting reel world, maybe we should be spending even more time with those Crazy Rich Asians, who are sure to help us discover the true meaning of Life Itself, with all its comedy and tragedy.
Wouldn’t it be tragic to miss out on all of that this weekend?


Simple Movie Slayers

The Predator returned to earth much to the horrified delight of the biggest audience this weekend at the domestic box office, throwing a mercy “Hail Mary” to the rest of the competition, who didn’t’ have a prayer going against The Nun, who remained a formidable, faithful challenger as she nodded a polite (but horrifying) hello to all those requesting A Simple Favor, which turned out to be an easy choice for audiences who love a good mystery. White Boy Rick enjoyed his first weekend out and about while those Crazy Rich Asians were still enjoying their richly-deserved accolades.
Movie prayers were answered this weekend in the oddest of ways, leaving our cinematic spirits soaring, with crazy families, wild boys, bloggers and brutes uncovering the secret to movie success.
Which of our “secret keepers” made your weekend a success?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. The Predator $24 million.
2. The Nun $18.2 million.
3. A Simple Favor $16.1 million.
4. White Boy Rick $8.8 million.
5. Crazy Rich Asians $8.7 million.

A Favorable Fall Season

Now that The Meg is slowly headed far out to sea, and with summer pretty much over, The Predator will soon make his appearance and take on the always-popular role of endangering the human race. Who’s gonna save us from that nightmare? With Summer Blockbuster Season having sung its swan song, what will be the Mission Impossible: Fallout?
So many possibilities! Aside from the aforementioned slayer, we’ve got a reporter experiencing her own sense of danger thanks to A Simple Favor which, naturally, turns out to be anything but as she searches for her missing friend. Who will audiences be Searching for this weekend? Will it be the lost among us or White Boy Rick, who’s clearly a bit adrift as he takes a walk on the colorful wild side? Where will he land at the box office?
Will the spirit encompassing champion The Nun lead us to the best movie places this weekend, promising to heal all that horror? Might hyper Peppermint sweeten the deal?
Most importantly, where will you be when all this action takes place?

The Nun Ushers in a Frightening (pre) Fall Season

The Nun conjured up the biggest audience in movie theaters this weekend, leaving the believers among us saying lots of prayers for her profitable predicament. The atmosphere was significantly lighter for those Crazy Rich Asians, still having the craziest time. Drama surrounded newbie Peppermint, who had one sweet opening. The Meg refused to head out to sea (and our version of heading toward the out-of-the-box-office horizon), frightening those still lurking in the ocean. Moviegoers faithfully continued Searching for lost loved ones during these last waning summer days
Religion and revenge were served up in large portions this weekend at the movies, the wacky wealthy continued to connect with the crazy within us and the ocean remained a frightening place to be.
Happily, our local movie theaters remained the best place to be, as we gradually cruised into a new season of stories.
Where did your cinematic searching lead you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. The Nun $53.5 million.
2. Crazy Rich Asians $13.5 million.
3. Peppermint $13.2 million.
4. The Meg $6.1 million.
5. Searching $4.3 million.

The Nun Enters the Movie Ring

Ready for a weekend of odd characters and interesting travels? Can we expect Crazy Rich Asians to rub elbows with The Nun, whose dealing with demons promises to be far more horrifying than crazy relatives? Between managing odd relatives and evil spirits, it’s unlikely they’ll cross paths with Christopher Robin, who travels friendly as opposed to fearful trails.
Of course, those traveling during these pre-autumn days may pray that God Bless the Broken Road (and pave it with an inspirational drama). The Apparition is sure to fit in nicely, here what with that aforementioned Nun taking a trip to the Vatican, which is sure to inspire something! Then there’s Peppermint, nowhere near as sweet as its name suggests, what with revenge being the main course. How sweet will their days be?
Might Operation Finale have the answers we seek, leaving audiences once again Searching for the lost (movie lovers) among us?
Personally, there’s no love lost for The Meg, huge success she is, who plans on staying off the streets and in the ocean, devouring everyone in her path. The Happytime Murders, who appreciate her killer instincts, hope to continue their happy puppet party indefinitely, with Mission Impossible: Fallout, at this point, expecting to have their mission complete just in time for the upcoming fall movie season.
Which of our upcoming tales do you intend to be in time for this weekend?

“For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), it’s always our self we find in the sea” E.E. Cummings (in Wildwood by the sea)

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A Labor of Movie Love

Our long, holiday weekend at the movies ended with Crazy Rich Asians maintaining the lead courtesy of their unique brand of crazy. Crazy in a more compelling way, The Meg found an ocean-fearing audience, Cruise continued the task of falling into all things possible within Mission Impossible: Fallout while Operation Finale, while not giving us a happy ending, certainly provided its share of late-summer thrills. Finally, audiences found themselves Searching for the last signs of summer.
As we happily cruise through the last of these lazy summer days, our mission to find entertainment promises to continue well into the next cinematic season, where crazy relatives will surely reside, animation, action and adventure will undoubtedly make an appearance, with murders and mysteries, naturally, finding a (hopefully) profitable place.
Which of our summer tales made an entertaining appearance in your movie weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Crazy Rich Asians $22.2 million.
2. The Meg $10.5 million.
3. Mission Impossible: Fallout $7 million.
4. Operation Finale $6 million.
5. Searching 5.7 $million.