Marvel Makes its Way

While the calendar has us at the midpoint of spring, Summer Blocker Season is scheduled to start soon with the arrival of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, which promises to provide entertainment destined to profitably lead the way into summer. The Rampage to movie theaters coast to coast, naturally, will prove limitless, as movie lovers struggle with deciding which film to see first! How much longer will A Quiet Place remain the place to fear the most (in horrifyingly hushed tones?) Can a round of Truth or Dare create the ugliest entertainment or will audiences dare to find comedy more to their liking? It’s okay if they do, since apparently shouting I Feel Pretty makes for one pretty great reaction. How much longer will movie lovers continue to feel that beautiful love? Will Super Troopers 2, attractive in their own way, march off with even more sequel-loving fans?
More importantly, isn’t it a super time to be a movie fan?


A Pretty Quiet Movie Weekend

A Quiet Place rebounded within our movie kingdom, bulldozing it’s way to the top of the domestic box office (in its silent, sinister way), passing The Rock, who was still creating a roaring Rampage. Amy Schumer couldn’t help but declare, I Feel Pretty to anyone who would listen (which turned out to be an impressive lot). Those traveling the horror circuit were able to bravely face the Truth or Dare to suffer the cinematic consequences (which involved sleeping with the lights on for the near future). Following the light created 16 years earlier, Super Troopers 2 were doubly super the second time around.
All in all, in was a super weekend at the movies, as a rampage stormed through movie theaters, where the view was both pretty and pretty terrifying (depending on which theater you found yourself). Horror and humor, naturally, always find a profitable place in our diversified movie theaters.
Which of our diverse stories made your weekend prettier?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. A Quiet Place $22 million.
2. Rampage $21 million.
3. I Feel Pretty $16.2 million.
4. Super Troopers 2 $14.7 million.
5. Truth or Dare $7.9 million.

Pretty Movie Traffik

With Summer Blockbuster Season just around the corner, what will cause the biggest Rampage this weekend at the movies? Will A Quiet Place be the noisiest in the horror house, causing audiences to question the Truth or Dare of the movie experience? Will they be daring enough to discover THAT terrifying truth? Luckily, Super Troopers 2 will soon be around, saving the world courtesy of their own super style, preventing those self-serving Blockers from hogging the limelight.
Among all this odd, limelight-seeking competition, is Ready Player One prepared to exit the cinematic arena, making room for the Traffik jam sure to occur at your local movie theater this weekend?
I Feel Pretty just thinking about all of the beauty, both odd and awesome, within our movie world!

A Rock-Centered Rampage

The Rock was on one giant Rampage this weekend, storming into our movie universe and stealing the top spot at the domestic box office from that low-budget A Quiet Place, who found second place had a successful sound all its own. Still in scare mode, Truth or Dare was horrifyingly honest to its freaked-out audience while Ready Player One remained ready and willing to please the movie masses (who weren’t prepared for horror). Finally, Blockers was busy hindering the rest of the competition.
The truth set us cinematically free this weekend as horror made us happy (to not be the characters on the screen), a video game and a variety of animals found a rock-steady audience and comedy was still a crowd pleaser.
Which of our crowd pleasers made your weekend happier?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Rampage $34.5 million.
2. A Quiet Place $32.0 million.
3. Truth or Dare $19 million.
4 Ready Player One $11 million.
5. Blockers $10 million.

A Deadly Daring Weekend

Will A Quiet Place talk the loudest this weekend, drowning out the sounds of their competition while placing those hardly-quiet comedic Blockers on notice or will Ready Player One make one sweet comeback? In a class by himself, can the Black Panther, known to speak above a whisper, slink past them all?
Will a game of Truth or Dare prove more evil than enlightening? Reaching into the always-enlightening past, will audiences be going Overboard for an old tale with a fresh spin? Does a remake have what it takes to take them all down?
I Can Only Imagine which of our fresh stories will spin the greatest tale this weekend!

Quiet Kills at the Box Office

A Quiet Place was the place to be this weekend, cinematically speaking, of course, ironically making the most noise at the domestic box office. Last week’s champ Ready Player One was still prepared, playing one entertaining story. Comedic Blockers prevented the rest of the competition from going farther at the box office. Everyone’s favorite hero Black Panther was still successfully slinking around moviegoers. Audiences continued to keep the faith, shouting from the rooftops, I Can Only Imagine.
It was anything but quiet within movie theaters this weekend, with comedy competing with creepy, believers well represented and a panther forever on the prowl while the games, Spielberg-style, played on!
Which of our playful tales shouted the loudest to you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1 A Quiet Place $50.3 million.
2. Ready Player One $25 million.
3. Blockers $21.4 million.
4. Black Panther $8.8 million.
5. I Can Only Imagine $8.4 million.

Blocking the Quiet Movie Season

Looking for an imaginative oasis this weekend, filled with the great escape courtesy of your local movie theater? Within that world, will Ready Player One once again be the sweet sanctuary to beat? Perhaps Tyler Perry’s Acrimony will fill its audience with the best, as opposed to the bitterest, feelings? The Black Panther, naturally, is still feeling fine, seeking A Quiet Place to count their profits (while hiding from the sounds of their approaching competition). Moviegoers, meanwhile, are profiting from the scenery encompassing Pacific Rim: Uprising, despite their box-office decline.
Hoping to rise in the movie ranks, Blockers plans on building the biggest, comedy-seeking audience. Meanwhile, as we settle into spring, can The Miracle Season restore our faith in movie humanity and walk away the champion?
Among these winners, I Can Only Imagine what this weekend will bring!