From Hollywood to Wildwood

“Oh, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We’ve already got the stars.” Bette Davis


A Seaside August

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August has arrived in a blaze of glory and with it, the hottest cast (at least in their own minds) has landed in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, greeting by the most picturesque sunrise. Yoga on the Beach helps our stars decompress and start their summer day. A self-confessed “morning person,” The Informer, undercover genius that he is, plans on taking copious notes of his adventures in town but quickly realizes that living unscripted in the here and now is truly the best way to live. Reveling in that sense of freedom, the Good Boys are having the greatest time playing Baseball on the Beach while Them That Follow, blissfully free from their former Appalachian existence, are following the No Plan Guide to Summer, which most likely will include, among other things, spontaneous hours of uninterrupted beach time.
Guided by the sunlight, our beachgoers no longer care what’s 47 Meters Down: Uncaged as their break from reality is occurring well above sea level. Not everyone is a happy camper, however. Just ask the cast from The Angry Birds Movie 2, who are seriously lacking a supply of french fries from hungry beach lovers who refuse to share.
By our otherwise-generous sandy seas, Dora and the Lost City of Gold discover priceless moments hopping from pier to pier, running into the occasional adrenaline junkie. Fast & Furious Presents Hobbs & Shaw to our town, who decide to take things a bit slower (at least while the cameras aren’t rolling) as they enjoy being in the present moment. Those casually-paced moments include time for Playmobile: The Movie, whose cast is currently at play courtesy of Game Night at the Flow House.
Those not entirely at play, however, are asking, Where’d You Go, Bernadette?, who apparently found her independence from the domestic ties that once held her emotionally captive and was last seen having a blast at the Food Truck & Movie Night.
Inspired by endless rides on the Ghost Ship, our wanna be actors/writers love creating Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark after taking in the (non-scary) sights at the Wildwood Crest Sunset Celebrations (which, naturally, had its own entertaining stories worth telling). The Concerts Under the Stars Series, however, is a brighter way to end a summer evening, attributing to our Summer Stars sense of peace and beauty (the kind not found in the mirror, that is).
As each beautiful summer day passes, our newfound Wildwood lovers discover there’s nothing more picture-perfect than a day spent seaside and hope their sun-filled days and starry nights play on and on and on…
See you Seaside😊



July Arrives Seaside


Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, our stars and starlets lived strictly for fame and fortune. Present day finds the allure of surf and sun irresistible (no paparazzi required) to our former fortune seekers, who crave life’s simple pleasures (and natural, youth-enhancing sunlight). Happily, the Destined-to-be-Infamous Summer of 2019 finds our biggest stars leaving the glitz and glamour behind and traveling to the town of Wildwood, NJ, where they’re excited to play the part of bathing beauty (which is not too much of a departure from their role of just beauty).
Slinging into town, Spider-Man: (has traveled) Far From Home to compete in the Ultimate Beach Frisbee tournament before entering the Wildwood Talent Showcase, where he’s sure to win best prize courtesy of his unique costume.
Following a Midsommar nightmare of a vacation, a traumatized woman finds serenity by the sea thanks to Yoga on the Beach and vows to never travel anywhere but here. Stuber (also known as Uber driver Stu) also experienced his own adrenaline-filled adventure and is now feeling fit and fabulous as he confidently participates in Downtown Wildwood 5 Fabulous Days of FITNESS IN THE PLAZA.
Feeling more fatigued than fit after battling alligators, a young woman finds the Crawl from beach chair to ocean to be a sweet breeze in comparison as she basks under our calm skies and (alligator-free) surf.
Looking to claim his own calmness, a troubled man learns The Art of Self Defense and the skill of surfing during our fun but competitive Boogie Board Races, where the sea breeze and salt air bring healing to his battered-no-more soul.
Eternally soulful, The Lion King and company feel like royalty along the coast, where the biggest argument they’ve had revolved around what event to attend first, ultimately compromising by splitting their family-friendly time between Kids Karaoke at the Flow House and Face Painting at the Flow House.
Our eclectic summer cast quickly adapt to being treated like royals in our majestic, picture-perfect world and love spending their vacation from reality in Wildwood by the Sea, where they’ve discovered each Sunny Day is followed by the starriest Summer Night, with an instant replay promised every day all seaside summer long…
Wishing you peace and the perfect day from sunrise to sunset😊



June Journeys to the Shore

The Summer of 2019 has officially begun (just a few weeks shy of what the calendar dictates), and our biggest stars have arrived in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ to celebrate in high, non-Hollywood style. More sinister than stylish, the Dark Phoenix follows the light leading to sand and sea, ultimately deciding to use her special powers for good not evil. Another good day in The Secret Life of Pets 2 reveals their true desires, to make friends at the Wildwood Dog Park & Beach, where they reveal the most colorful stories. Not to be outdone, our favorite childhood playthings have their own Toy Story (4 ) to tell on their family-friendly road trip. Happily the road has led them to our special boarded trails, where cotton candy and spins on the Merry Go Round provide the ultimate adventure.
Traveling on a more chilling note, it’s Child’s Play for a sinister toy doll, leaving a family desperately searching for a serene sanctuary they fortuitously find along the coast. Coasting along looking for creepy, kindred spirits, Annabelle Comes Home with the intention of wreaking even more horrifying havoc but chooses a detour that involves countless trips on the Atmosfear, where even she feels the mind-bending fear.
Inspired by our one-of-a-kind sunrises, a Late Night talk show host intent on salvaging her show learns the talk of the town includes the Sunrise of Sunday Veteran Flag Service followed by blissful beach days happily taking place long before the sun sets.
Settling into town, cyber security expert Shaft Jr sets aside his sleuthing skills in favor of finding quality family time from sunup to sundown, clobbering everyone, courtesy of those special skills, at miniature golf.
After taking on land developers in Hampstead Heath, a new couple fall in love with all that Wildwood offers, loving our sun, surf (and ocean-view real estate). Admiring our local, sunny scenery, the Men in Black: (go) International to protect the earth once again, leaving a little time for East Coast Helicopter Tours, which illuminates the best home-grown views.
Valuing the best that Yesterday had to offer, a struggling musician fondly (and solely) remembers the Beetles, with the sounds of the sea providing the sweetest backdrop and the East Coast Music Hall of Fame Awards Gala & Concert delivering enough tunes to take us into another melodious summer.
Living happily in the sandy present moment, our June cast values the simple things our coastal community generously shares, learning that capturing the perfect photo op often involves timeless moments not ageless models, and beauty abounds from Anglesea to Diamond Beach, right here in picturesque Wildwood by the sea…




May Makes Its Entrance


The month of May promises to be an absolute showstopper in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, where the latest Hollywood stars have arrived to chill and check out our storytelling town. Not much for chronicling events, Godzilla: King of the Monsters is the first to stomp into town, proudly leaving his giant footprints in the sand (which is no surprise to his miniature-by-comparison costars). A Dog’s Journey has fortuitously led to the North Wildwood Dog Park, where our canine star loves to connect with the friendly locals (who like him for himself as opposed to his newfound fame). A brisk walk leads to a big appetite, happily satisfied at the Downtown Wildwoods Inaugural Bacon Lovers Festival.
Possessing a huge appetite for success, our politically-minded players learn mixing love and politics makes for quite the Long Shot. Luckily, they find beach days and boardwalk nights make for the perfect belief system (with all parties unanimously in agreement).
Believing in the impossible, Aladdin finds seaside life magical, as the colors of the sunrise have him wishing his Wildwood days would never end (no magic lamp required). The Ugly Dolls, meanwhile, come to life along the coast and spot beauty everywhere, finding their true lovable selves perfect and picturesque (much like the scenery).
Happily acting the part of tourist, Pokemon Detective Pikachu is on the case of the Soon-to-be Summer of 2019, discovering signs of the sunniest season from Anglesea to the Crest while temporarily getting caught up in the always-intriguing Murder Mystery Weekend.
Our less-than-trustworthy characters feel The Hustle to get summer started and just can’t wait for the blockbuster-worthy action their temporary home by the sea inspires. Those Booksmart teens, however, wisely know that life’s best days aren’t built in a book but created in the present, memory-making moment and choose to enjoy a strictly fun in the sun vacation (no books required).
Requiring no formal introduction, Rocketman feels renewed courtesy of the love and music freely flowing from Morey’s Wildwoodstock Spring Festival, where his performance, naturally, is the ultimate crowd pleaser.
Always aiming to please, the lovely ladies comprising the Poms are always ready to cheer on the performers among them and discover that age is more about attitude than numbers in our timeless little town. After enjoying a day at the Morey’s Piers Mother’s Day Tea Party, our “classic cheerleaders” meet up with the rest of their May counterparts to share stories under the stars, simultaneously agreeing that their Wildwood days were a runaway success (no box-office charts necessary)…
Wishing You a Sweet, Salty Month full of Starry, Seaside Moments 😊

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April has finally arrived in the town of Wildwood, NJ and with it our infamous (if only in their own minds) spring-loving stars, who are ready to leave behind their isolated Hollywood lives in favor of the High Life found in our exalted abode, where sunny days and starry nights are found in abundance. The more vocal among them can be heard over the roar of the ocean shouting, Shazam!, magically turning what they once considered an ordinary day into an extraordinary experience. Finding that magic is more typical than not in town, the family suffering through The Curse of La Llorona learn the antidote to their supernatural ailment is expertly hidden at Ed’s Funcade Easter Sunday Egg Hunt in the Hay. No worries for the “hunt-challenge,” though, because clearly the cure that ails our celebrated beings exists in the open, salt air. Fortuitously, the Best of Enemies soon become the best of friends during the Mud Hen Brewing Co. Half Marathon, 8K, 5K, & Kids Race.
Racing in on the biggest wave, the Avengers: (complete their) Endgame, reinstating order to our blockbuster-seeking movie universe while restoring their overburdened spirits through scenic Seawall strolls.
Previously strolling through life, a discontented guy finds a woman swimming Under the Silver Lake, sending him on an adventure that takes him above his lackluster L.A. circle to our openly warm, ocean-view world. Coasting hellishly along, Hell Boy, naturally, finds heaven on earth, intrigued by the goodness that abounds along the coast, leaving him content to battle tan lines instead of his typical terrors.
The battle for the sweetest sounds is on, with Teen Spirit adding young love and lyrics while successfully competing with the soulful sounds of seashore life.

Battling the passage of time, our big and Little stars discover age is relative in our small town with the big heart after enjoying a timeless day at the Downtown Wildwood Wine & Chocolate Lovers Weekend. Encountering sweetness everywhere, the Missing Link discovers that Wildwood is the best place for lost souls and your average liberated being to connect after forming friendships at Morey’s Piers Easter Celebration.
Lifetime bonds are formed at the beach, with one celebration after another competing with our casts’ attention. Without the aid of a script, they learn the true measure of success is not in box-office results but in the balance of a good life, with beach walks and boardwalk bike rides contributing to contented days with no Ending Credits in sight…
Happy April Seaside!


A Seaside Spring

It’s almost spring in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, where the locals and tourists are excitedly waiting for the arrival of longer days and warmer temperatures. Among those summer-seeking locals temporarily resides a group of incognito movie stars who desperately need a Hollywood break. Despite recently experiencing A Madea Family Funeral, our “mourners” feel upbeat and full of life in our still-sleepy town. Wide awake, Captain Marvel finds genius everywhere and is determined to use her marvelous powers for good, which unsurprisingly includes attending the Special Olympics NJ Spring Basketball Finals (and sharing tips on sportsmanship).
Finally free from a terrorizing ordeal, a family learns it’s Us against the evildoers and discovers the benevolence that exists in our good-hearted town (with salt air acting as the ultimate balm to whatever evil ails its occupants😊). Wonder Park occupies a huge place in our playful stars hearts, but the wonder that is Wildwood intrigues our crew as they wait impatiently for the Boardwalk to spring back to life, dreaming of upcoming “pier-hopping” days. Always a wonder to behold, Dumbo flies to the highest scenic sights before realizing he has all he needs on firm, sandy ground.
Standing confusingly between law-abiding and law-breaking individuals, The Kid finds coastal life uncomplicated and corruption free. Sadly, life is a complicated mess for a teenage girl wondering Where’d You Go, Bernadette when her mother goes missing, hoping to locate her among the surf and the sand (working on a pre-season tan).
The Beach Bum, naturally, feels right at home on our shoreline and, despite the chill in the air, is quite content to lounge on our momentarily-empty beaches, claiming his territory before the tourists once again arrive in beach-seeking droves.
With millions at stake and no time for bumming around after struggling through The Hummingbird Project, our no-longer-stressed-out players decide their next sure-to-succeed project will involve our priceless sunrises and incomparable sunsets.
The occupants of Captive State clearly need a break from the dark, extra-terrestrial force they’ve been, well, held captive by, and thankfully attain some much-needed freedom within our little heavenly haven, joining their co-stars at the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration & Parade, where they all remember how lucky they truly are among the sun and the stars.
Although our starry-eyed beauties can’t wait for spring to arrive, they quickly realize every seaside season is beautiful and meant to be shared with loved ones in Hollywood and right here in lovable Wildwood by the Sea…
Happy (Almost) Seaside Spring!!!


A Frosty February Seaside


It’s February in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, where our winter cast has come for a long winter’s nap (i.e. a much-needed Hollywood break). Stepping onto our frosty sand, Miss Bala finds herself instantly drawn to the sea, happy to escape her criminal world (which prevented her from achieving the perfect, legally-acceptable tan). While thankfully not as cold as those stuck in the Arctic, our stars find the freedom and warmth they’d been lacking in our cozy  community.
Our argumentative characters discover Fighting With My Family now consists of determining which makes for a more family-friendly workout; a seawall walk or a boardwalk stroll. After agreeing to disagree, family and non-family members alike all agree, What Men Want, beside thought-provoking conversations, is to be tough enough to participate in the chilly but worthy Fallen Heroes Polar Bear Plunge alongside their strong, female beauties (who are more concerned about wardrobe malfunctions than freezing water). That Cold Pursuit, naturally, is more heroic than the vengeance-filled plots some of our misguided players were pursuing before settling into our tranquil dwelling, where the settling of scores typically involves the pursuit of a rematch at Ed’s Funcade.
Fortunately, fresh sea air puts even the most ill-advised members on a more noble, albeit sandy path. Sadly on a seriously-wrong route, The Prodigy, initially unwelcomed in our super-but-natural surroundings, ultimately finds his supernatural powers turning more magical than murderous as he discovers the wonder that is Wildwood.
The Rhythm Section is also finding inspiration in the melodious magic that abounds from Anglesea to Diamond Beach, choosing uncomplicated bike rides over all-consuming revenge.
It being the sweetest time of year, our most loving players find themselves declaring, Isn’t It Romantic? when witnessing each one-of-a-kind sunrise, amazed by its reflection in the sea (while uncharacteristically forgetting about their own picture-perfect reflections) . Reflecting on all they learned during their first outing, the cast of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World believe that our slice of heaven is now their best-kept secret  after having gotten the first slice at Sam’s Pizza, reluctant to share all they’ve deliciously discovered with their untrained counterparts.
Surrounded by so many celestial stars, the troupe of The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part are determined to make every part of their winter break fit perfectly.
Put together perfectly, our sunny days and starry nights, salt air and sweet locals are sure to inspire many stories to come, each act worthy of a sequel with, naturally, the hugest star coming in the form of our heavenly setting…
Happy Valentine’s Day!!


A Seaside January

It’s a brand-new year in the coastal town of Wildwood, NJ, where the locals and a number of “starry tourists” are happily spending their quiet winter months. Their own personal Escape Room, naturally, comes with an ocean view, boarded trails and sandy beaches (and streets), all which offer the perfect escape from their stressful Hollywood lives. Tired of the strange relationships their West Coast world supplies, they discover The Upside of our frosty days can be found in fresh, salt air and the goodwill that abounds from Anglesea to the Crest. Of course, our seaside benefits extend to humans and animals alike, with A Dog’s Way Home including a stop-over at the Wildwood Dog Park & Beach, where our local furry friends are always ready to welcome new pals home.

Troubled war vet SGT. Will Gardner is reaping the benefits from his home-away-from-home, finding peace in each sunrise. Also searching for his own bit of Serenity, a fishing boat captain appreciates the mysteries that overflow in our slice of heaven, finding comrades by taking part in the Adventurer Deep Sea Fishing.

Mistakenly believing heaven can wait, a scientist once desperate to create Replicas of his deceased family realizes that people and things truly loved can never be duplicated. Happily, he ultimately finds healing in our irreplaceable community.

The Untold Story of a down-on-his-luck man also has a happy ending courtesy of countless lucky days seaside, where every story contains a hint of magic. Looking for his own brand of storybook magic, The Kid Who Would Be King is waiting patiently for his next “royal” escapade, and warmer days to come, wisely presuming endless Morey’s Piers adventures  are sure to make anyone feel like royalty.
Loving our cold winter days while seeking Arctic Justice, our most colorful characters are having a blast boogie boarding the frosty seas, with each wave providing the best view.
Although our January cast’s names are clearly missing along the Avenue of Stars, they appreciate the sights, if not their claim to fame,  nonetheless. A daily Bike Path Through the Wildwoods promises to keep them in great shape while provided a sweet scenic tour just as a visit to the Bill Henfey Park is guaranteed to help them remember the child within the celebrity.
With the Hereford Inlet Lighthouse shining the way into 2019, our latest Wildwood lovers learn that true fame and fortune hold little value when compared to priceless sunrises and sunsets (and everything occurring in between) that shine brighter than the stars in Hollywood….
Happy New Year!!!




**Originally appeared (with slight alterations) December 2012**

It Happened One Holiday Night: The Conclusion


When we last saw Mr. and Mrs. Clause and company, they were traveling inconspicuously through the movie version of Hollywood, Wildwood-style, on a scenic, Christmas tour. On their favorite stop, The Shop Around the Corner, a.k.a. Winterwood, they marvel at the tiny surfboards and sand dollars hanging from beach-themed Christmas trees. Heading down the beach block, they enjoy a visit with The Preacher’s Wife, who gathers everyone by the cozy fireplace where A Christmas Story is being told. The ‘bah humbug’ among the group are getting Scrooged on hot chocolate and sugar cookies as The Bishop’s Wife is wrapping presents for the Babes in Toyland. Taking a stroll along a well-decorated Sunset Boulevard, also known as Ocean Avenue, the Claus’s and fellow travelers spot a family of sightseers enjoying their National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The Gremlins are shouting We’re No Angels to holiday shoppers on Pacific Avenue, unaware that Santa is within earshot.

Following their day of sightseeing and shopping, the Christmas lovers re-board the train and Jingle All the Way home, where The Nightmare Before Christmas is nowhere to be found in this dreamy seascape. They’re thankful the Bad Santa was exiled decades ago for all things good. Losing their disguises, the Claus’s are just in time for the town’s scheduled meet-and-greet with Santa, where they feast on candy canes and a variety of Christmas cookies. St. Nick thanks his lucky (movie) stars he’s so close to the beach, where he can walk off those unsightly holiday pounds.

Thanks to the soothing powers of salty sea air, a revitalized Santa, along with the Mrs., heads back to the North Pole, ready for his around-the-world adventure. With the sounds of Christmas tunes in the air expressing glad tidings of comfort and joy, movie buffs and seaside lovers all agree, in their little starry town, where dreams come true, It’s a Wonderful Life

It Happened One Holiday Night



The Holiday(s) are an enchanting time, transforming land lovers as well as those coasting by the ocean into festive film worshipers. Needing a rest before The Biggest Night of the Year, Santa Claus arrives along the sparkling Wildwood coast for a much-deserved but brief (movie) break. With sunglasses and SPF in hand, the little-known film buff quickly rejects a Christmas in Connecticut in favor of our frosty terrain. The mysterious “Man in Red” sets aside his planned movie marathon when he realizes that Love Actually exists here among the stars and the sandy mistletoe and considers settling in with Mrs. Claus for a long winter’s nap (effective December 26th). They enjoy their first night in town as the honored guests at a starry Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, where music and the magic of the holidays linger in the air. In search of One Magic Christmas, the Mr. & Mrs. travel incognito on The Polar Express, which has just taken off on a festive seaside tour. Each tiny Elf (along with the big kids) is hoping for a White Christmas to illuminate every Miracle (occurring) on 34th Street, Anglesea through Ocean Avenue and beyond. On board, Mr. & Mrs. Claus Meet John Doe and crew, who quickly give up their seats for the Little Women entering the train. The Family Man is swapping stories with The Family Stone, who find themselves on the Naughty List for sneaking a peek at Bridget Jones’s Diary. Always on the Nice List, however, is Prancer, leading the way toward enough joy to fill Four Christmases (since one is never enough). The happy passengers marvel at signs of Christmas found throughout town…
What movie magic is waiting for them, you may wonder? Check back next week for the continuing Claus chronicle:-)



It’s the most gratifying of seasons in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, where an Instant Family is created among the sea, surf and search for anonymity our visiting Hollywood stars crave. No stranger to fantastical worlds, The Nutcracker and the Four Realms are amazed by our picture-perfect landscape, quickly labeling it a dream come magically to life. Although The Front Runner has political dreams unfulfilled, he soon discovers the priceless value of a politically-correct ocean view.
The view, naturally, is always right for Nobody’s Fool, who has everybody back in Hollywood feeling foolish for not making the trip east. Trippin’ to their own beat, the members of Bohemian Rhapsody are enthralled by the abundant musical history our hamlet possesses as the sounds of crashing waves make for the perfect sound system.
It’s all system’s go for The Girl in the Spider’s Web, who really could use a breather from all that confusion and government corruption and happily finds just that in our quiet, uncomplicated community.
Always fighting the right battles, Creed II is getting in even better shape thanks to his daily Boardwalk runs, where the seascape, and the people he meets along the way, promise to make a believer out of the biggest cynics. Along our awe-inspiring boarded trails, he crosses paths with the ultimate of pessimists The Grinch, who can’t help feeling the love (despite the lack of Who’s in town). Moving right along, he spots Ralph (who) Breaks the Internet but rediscovers his love for all things arcade related within Gateway 27, where he can be found enjoying his break from stardom.
Intrigued by the feelings of positivity even our cranky characters now possess, the Fantastic Beasts: (forget the) Crimes of Grindelwald and remember how fantastic it is to find a home away from home in our little slice of paradise.
Tossing aside their gluten-free, low-carb diets, our normally weight-conscious celebrities have the ultimate gathering, where they feast on turkey with all the trimmings, confident they can work off the pounds walking the Seawall.
As our November cast counts their lucky stars (perched conveniently over the big, beautiful sea), they discover that life’s greatest moments exist not in their Big Screen Universe, but in the natural world (sans camera), where the softer temperatures and serene setting make for the perfect pre-holiday mental health break, guaranteed to provide them with the sweetest stories to take home (assuming they ever leave)…

Happy Seaside Thanksgiving:)


It’s October in the seaside town of Wildwood, NJ, and our fall-loving cast has arrived for a ton of off-season fun. They soon discover A Star is Born every time they step onto our starry shores, where The Happy Prince, and equally-happy costars, are currently enjoying their Hollywood break. Before happily becoming the First Man to walk on the moon, our favorite astronaut is having a blast at the Morey’s Piers Oktoberfest, temporarily trading in moon walks for a bit of Morey’s Piers merriment.
As the air takes on a decidedly-chillier feel, A Bonfire on the Beach warms up even the coldest characters, who all agree a good day at the beach beats the Bad Times at the El Royale. Always a guaranteed-good time, The Downtown Wildwood Fall Farmer’s Market keeps our beauties healthy while participating in the Wildwoods Boardwalk 5K Pumpkin Run keeps them fit and camera ready. Apart from those glaring cameras, the cast of Venom discover an uplifting ocean view can make even the most bitter among us more beautiful.
Beautiful in his own odd way, and clearly into all things nostalgic, Johnny English Strikes Again at the Fabulous ‘50s & Beyond 15th Anniversary Celebration, briefly coming out of retirement to enjoy the party sure to beat your typical Hollywood bash.
After a meet-and-greet with our locals, our latest Wildwood lovers learn Serenity abounds seaside (if not cinematically) this sweet season, reminding our out-of-towners that The Hate You Give is nowhere to be found in our generous, lovable town.
Loving every minute of their fall break, and after taking in Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, a Beautiful Boy and his beautiful friends are ready for a fun visit to the Downtown Wildwood Halloween Movie & Treats while the “somewhat” older kids, having endured a scary showing of the latest Halloween, find a bit of family-friendly (non-horror like) respite at the Wildwood Halloween Spooktacular.
As the spectacular month rolls on, our October characters find inspiration along the coast, uttering Can You Ever Forgive Me? to everyone (and there are a lot of “everyones”) they ever upstaged, knowing that they can never outshine the brilliant stars hovering protectively over those of us, fortunate enough to have found our place right here in beautiful Wildwood, NJ…



Photos courtesy of Bing & Pexels

Above beach photo taken in Wildwood, NJ courtesy of C.T. Costas Photography