The Life of the (Movie) Party

“Life may not be the party we hoped for, but while we’re here we should dance.” Proverbs
“The Great Gatsby” dances his way into the greatest party circuit this weekend, also known as the local movie theater, rubbing elbows with all of high society, including the “Iron Man (3)” while dealing with the “Pain & Gain” of new friends and movie competitors. The great one can play host to his “Peeples,” including baseball legends and their “42” friends (and counting) on the cinematic playing field. While seeking his version of the American Dream (and pursuing his dream girl), he can also educate himself on all things, animated, foreign and familiar, that occur in our movie “Oblivion” (while learning a thing or two about how to deal with alien invasions, a current movie conundrum). The perfect host can consider himself a welcomed addition to “The Big Wedding,” since he can clearly afford a huge gift. Discussion at the extravagant occasion will naturally turn to upcoming events (that include an entertaining, ironically illuminating, “Star Trek into Darkness”).
This weekend promises parties with pretty “Peeples,” wealthy playboys, with party talk revolving around the wonders of the universe and the mysteries of matrimony, with time left over for a tale told by Tyler Perry, a trip with every moviegoer’s favorite current cave family as well as much-loved baseball legend all leading to a fantastic voyage on the USS Enterprise. Whew! Even F. Scott Fitzgerald would approve!
Who will be the ideal party guest this weekend at the movies?
From seaside days to starry nights, hope you enjoy your weekend as an invited guest at the local multiplex…

Moving Through May in the Most Entertaining Way

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” F. Scott Fitzgerald
The second weekend in May is shaping up in the most dramatic fashion, thanks to the greatest party thrown by “The Great Gatsby” himself. Ever the gracious host (and literary hero), he’s invited his fellow movie characters and idol worshipers to join in the flashy festivities. The “Iron Man (3),” last weekend’s box-office champ, has taken time out from his franchise duties to attend the swanky event. We can expect the playboy to hobnob with hero wannabes and tragic characters of all convoluted kinds in our movie style “Oblivion,” including baseball legends and body builders, antiquated, animated stars, outdated aliens, and a slew of talented “Peeples.” As we cruise through May, we look forward to the most imaginative party crashers to arrive long “Before Midnight” but “After Earth” has been saved from the consequences of mundane movies. The gang can follow the infamous light along their movie “Star Trek into Darkness” at a “Fast & Furious (6)” pace for the most “Epic” event!
All that’s left for us to do is find the most comfy theater seat and enjoy the party (created by F. Scott Fitzgerald, compliments of Hollywood and celebrated within Heavenly havens known as your local multiplex)…

Ironing out all the Movie Details

“We can’t all be heroes, because somebody has to sit on the curb and applaud when they go by.” Will Rogers

Our heroes were out in full, heroic force this weekend, as the “Iron Man (3)” bravely clobbered the competition as well as the bad guys. His Marvelous reward was waiting at the North American box office’s highest pinnacle, where $175.3 million was added to his ironclad account. The film holds the dubious honor of being the second highest grossing debut of all time (behind last year’s “Avengers,” which claimed $207.4 million and partnered our iron-fueled idol with other Marvel comics’ heroes). Hearing residual applause were the body builders (and heroes-in-their-own-minds) who built a respectable following, resulting in little “Pain and Gain” at the #2 spot with $7.6 million.

“42” reasons to spend time within sight of a big screen were found at the #3 spot along with $6.2 million. Hero among few humans Tom Cruise came crashing back to Earth out of the “Oblivion,” landing at #4 and finding $5.7 million there. “The Croods” created their typical caveman stir at #5 with $4.2 million.

Curbside can’t compete with comfy movie theater seats, where our heroes await, proving good really does triumph over evil (and poor showings), Earth and its human inhabitants were found thriving, baseball legends bravely went the distance and animation remained a crowd pleasure.

From seaside days to starry nights, may your week come with its own cinematic standing ovation…

A Movie Weekend Fortified with Iron

“Iron Man (3”) proved to be the promptest of industrialist, as our hero turned up early at the weekend box office, ready to level his illustrious movie foes. Our steely star is expected to steal the ultimate show, sending Cruise even farther into that starry “Oblivion.” Wahlberg and Johnson, meanwhile, can anticipate some cinema “Pain and Gain” a spot at the box office beneath his billionaire presence. “The Big Wedding” may have an even smaller turnout as audiences seek big-time action. Meanwhile, the number of players on the cinematic field exceeds “42” as the baseball biopic continues to decline (in the most legendary fashion). “The Croods” have traveled a long, colorful road to modern times; will the competition send our favorite animated family back to their motion picture-inspired caves (or at least out of the Box Office Five?)

Since theaters cannot exist through the star power of Robert Downey, Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow alone, the competition needed worry too much; they can expect their own (somewhat smaller) turnout.

Is the almighty Iron Man significantly stronger than Mark Wahlberg and his mighty muscles? Will “42” survive the play-by-play? And exactly how far out into the “Oblivion” will “The Croods” travel?

From seaside days to starry nights, the weekend ahead is prepared to please star gazers and alien invaders, fans of Marvel comics and marital bliss, baseball lovers and billionaire wannabes all wandering through our vast entertainment universe (and arriving at our neighborhood multiplex)…

May the Month of Movies Entertain You?

May the Month of Movies Entertain You?

May promises to be an “Epic” month at the movies, fortified with iron, animation and all-encompassing entertainment! The month starts off strong, thanks to everyone’s favorite billionaire playboy and his alter ego, “Iron Man (3),” who is back to battle the latest bad guys. After battling it out with the deranged-guy-du jour, he can travel to Long Island and attend a celebratory party thrown by “The Great Gatsby,” who could use a little help in his great but shallow pursuit of riches and relevance. Roaring past the ‘20s, they won’t find fame and fortune on that “Star Trek into Darkness,” where a rude awakening awaits the crew of the USS Enterprise. Speaking of rude awakenings from dark places, the men continue to behave badly in “The Hangover Part III,” as the final installment of the trilogy has the Wolf pack once again facing the consequences of a mysterious night. They can take a lesson from the gang of magicians/bank robbers, who in their illusionary ways declare “Now You See Me,” now you don’t to the FBI agent on their invisible tracks. Clearly, he’ll require assistance from the “Fast & Furious (6)” gang, who know how to travel the winding streets in hot pursuit. All of this, naturally, will need to occur “After Earth” is saved but  “Before Midnight” (not to be confused with “Before Sunrise” or “Before Sunset,” when other “stuff” was occurring) as our transcontinental now married-with-children couple complete their trilogy during a trip to Greece.

Road trips, reality checks, trilogies and tragedies, heroes and hangovers. May we ask for anything more this month?

Strength of (Movie) Character

Mahatma Gandhi believed, “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Strong-willed body builders turned bumbling criminals were feeling invincible this weekend as they felt the “Pain and Gain” of the #1 spot at the North American box office, bringing in a pleasurable $20 million through sheer determination (and audience participation). Moviegoers were still hanging out in the “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise, sending him on a journey to the #2 spot with $17.4 million. They were also finding “42” reasons to bask in the baseball glow, blazing a trail to #3 with $10.7 million. The romantics among us have slowly risen, as “The Big Wedding” brought in less-than large numbers, coming in at #4 with a disappointing $7.5 million. Still seeking family-friendly fun, movie aficionados sent “The Croods” straight to the animated land of #5 with $6.6 million.

Our willful, strong cast of characters felt no pain this weekend, as the crooks beat “The Croods” while cruising right past the Cruise! Weddings were a (somewhat) welcomed addition as baseball continued to bring in the crowds.

As we breeze entertainingly through a calm spring, the forecast for our summer by the movie sea is looking bright with brilliant blockbusters adorning the big-screen sky. “Movie-casters” are predicting sunny days and nights filled with the brightest stars.

From seaside days to starry nights, our cool cinema universe promises to heat up in the months to come (hello Iron Man) …

Movies Made Big

Did the vast void Tom Cruise and company filled last weekend in the cinematic “Oblivion” leave room for “The Big Wedding” and its equally big stars Robert DiNero and Diane Keaton in the gargantuan movie cosmos? Thanks to imposing characters, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson are on a quest to feel the “Pain and Gain” from box-office battles. Think the body builders gone astray can clobber their competition (in the most entertaining, non-violent way possible?) Baseball biopics, meanwhile, remain big among the movie set, who have found “42” ways to say box-office success as Harrison Ford heeds the call for quality acting among the mature crowd. Then there’s “Scary Movie” projecting its five versions of film fears (including dysfunctional characters and dreadful dance numbers).

As aliens in all their big-screen glory continue to invade our universe, we’ve learned there’s always room for more (movie) space invaders. Looking for cheeky fear with a side order of family-friendly fare (with crafty, postmodern animated people?) In the mood for calamity or comedy this weekend? Baseball versus body building? Weddings or Wahlberg? Thanks to the selections residing on our movie menu, you can have it all at!

From seaside days to starry nights, BIG events are waiting at your local, larger-than-life multiplex…