Blocking the Quiet Movie Season

Looking for an imaginative oasis this weekend, filled with the great escape courtesy of your local movie theater? Within that world, will Ready Player One once again be the sweet sanctuary to beat? Perhaps Tyler Perry’s Acrimony will fill its audience with the best, as opposed to the bitterest, feelings? The Black Panther, naturally, is still feeling fine, seeking A Quiet Place to count their profits (while hiding from the sounds of their approaching competition). Moviegoers, meanwhile, are profiting from the scenery encompassing Pacific Rim: Uprising, despite their box-office decline.
Hoping to rise in the movie ranks, Blockers plans on building the biggest, comedy-seeking audience. Meanwhile, as we settle into spring, can The Miracle Season restore our faith in movie humanity and walk away the champion?
Among these winners, I Can Only Imagine what this weekend will bring!


A Ready-Made Weekend

Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One found the biggest fortune within the proverbial Easter Egg this holiday weekend, coming in first at the domestic box office. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony found harmony despite all that nasty betrayal while the Black Panther offered his dark, heroic services. Believers were still uttering, I Can Only Imagine what this spiritual weekend will leave us with as they rose above Pacific Rim: Uprising (who were too busy rebelling against their box office relegation to care about anything religious).
Audiences were ready for one great cinematic gem after another this weekend, finding an Oasis in the most entertaining places. Marital discord hit the right note, a panther refused to go gently into that good (movie) night, the faithful were on fine display and the Pacific was once again a nice place to visit.
Which of our make-believe visitors displayed the greatest show for you this weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Ready Player One $41.2 million.
2. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony $17.1 million.
3. Black Panther $11.3 million.
4. I Can Only Imagine $10.8 million.
5. Pacific Rim: Uprising $9.2 million.

The Easter Hunt

With Easter just days away, and the spirit of the season filling movie theaters nationwide, will the fact that God’s Not Dead: (shed) A Light in Darkness leading to our spiritual enlightenment? Might those faithful film lovers declare, I Can Only Imagine where that cinematic light will lead us? Thankfully, Sherlock Gnomes is still around, searching for that elusive Easter Bunny while detecting only family-friendly fun and values with a heroic assist from the Black Panther, always available to moviegoers in need. Tyler Perry’s Acrimony, however, promises to supply some bitterness to balance all that sweetness while the Tomb Raider tries once again to steal the biggest audience. Sadly for her, Pacific Rim: Uprising refuses to come down from that lofty, box-office locale, convinced the Pacific offers more scenic accommodations than Perry can provide.
Finally, those looking for a unique take on an Easter egg hunt might find Ready Player One the complete package this holiday weekend.
Are you ready for the storied treasures waiting to be uncovered at your local movie theater this weekend?

The Pacific Travels

Pacific Rim: Uprising traveled the highest at the domestic box office this weekend, sending former, seemingly-unstoppable champion Black Panther to a lower, but still impressive spot. Sherlock Gnomes was solving the cinematic answers to our animated problems while the Tomb Raider remained alive and well. Movie believers were once again shouting, I Can Only Imagine what our movie world will offer next!
Within the scenic Pacific, the world was both revolting and revealing, a panther was a bit disturbed by the unrest, animation was detecting on all the right, colorful notes and our faith was once again restored in our make-believe universe.
Which of our faithful tales made your weekend more imaginative?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Pacific Rim: Uprising $28 million.
2. Black Panther $16.7 million.
3. I Can Only Imagine $13.8 million.
4. Sherlock Gnomes $10.6 million.
5. Tomb Raider $10.4 million.

Heading to the Cinematic Pacific

Now that we’ve officially reached a brighter, lighter time of year, (at least according to the calendar) can our reigning champion Black Panther maintain the darkest, deepest hold on movie lovers? Can the dark-in-her-own-way Tomb Raider rest easy knowing her fans will always welcome her with open arms?
Might A Wrinkle in Time sail smoothly through the first days of spring, knowing the Isle of Dogs just might offer the most colorful place for our littlest moviegoers to visit this weekend?
Then there’s our slightly older-but-still-young crowd. Will they wish Love, (to) Simon and all he offers? Have audiences gotten enough love out of a Game Night, preferring a day of less-gamely entertainment?
Before our eclectic cast places any bets, they’ll need to consider the supreme power found along the Pacific Rim: Uprising, poised to lead the biggest revolt while flying high above the competition.
I Can Only Imagine what our faithful movie lovers will choose this weekend!

Opening the Cinematic Tomb

The Black Panther was the unstoppable hero to beat at the movies, coming in first at the domestic box office for the fifth weekend in a row. Tomb Raider came out of her resting place to a warm welcome just as a faithful audience declared, I Can Only Image to the believers among them. A Wrinkle in Time provided the most entertaining time for families while Love, Simon was spreading the love to a youthful (non-Disney) audience.
A panther remained at the top of the pack, a tomb opened to an eager crowd, movie lovers made time for Disney and teenagers were feeling the love, sharing the sentiment with our imaginative believers…
Which of our believable tales brought the love to your weekend?

Estimated Domestic Box Office Results:
1. Black Panther $27 million.
2. Tomb Raider $23.5 million.
3. I Can Only Imagine $17.1 million.
4. A Wrinkle in Time $16.6million.
5. Love, Simon $11.5 million.

Following the Movie Light

With Disney on the scene, A Wrinkle in Time is sure to smooth the nerves of our more family-oriented moviegoers, who may find The Black Panther, champion that he is, well, a bit too dark for their delicate temperaments. Still light on her feet, the multi-talented Red Sparrow is hoping to dance off with even more fans. Then there’s The Strangers: Prey at Night, hoping to make even more friends, whether day or night, within our darkened movie theaters. Of course, a Game Night has proven to offer some stiff competition. How much longer will that remain an entertaining way to spend our movie time?
Perhaps the Tomb Raider will bring Lara Croft out of her dark mausoleum and into the limelight, casting a shadow over the looming competition.
Thankfully, anytime of day, or night, is a valuable time to spend in our local movie theaters. I Can Only Imagine all that’s waiting there!
Which of our worth-the-wait tales will light up your weekend?